"Viva la loteria!” is a simple and colorful game based off of a classic Mexican game of chance. Similar to bingo, players track and mark the random draw of cards in order to fill as much of their game board as possible.  Whenever a player has filled out a winning streak, usually a row or column of four, they yell out “buenas!” and win the established pot.

    “Viva la loteria!” offers over 50 different comical pictures, including their funny Spanish names!

        This family oriented game is great for any party or family social. It provides the ice breaker for an interesting and amusing atmosphere while learning and laughing at some common Spanish words and phrases.

    As the first loteria board game implemented as an iPhone app and now available for Android devices, this low cost game is great for keeping everyone part of the circle.

You can download the Viva la Loteria app from the iTunes App Store and from the Android Market.

App Store link to Viva La Loteria! Android Market link to Viva La Loteria!