Here you can download the first set of 12 of our very colorful tablas.

  The full size image will open in a new window. From here you have the options to print directly from your web browser or save the image and use your favorite photo printing application to print the tablas.
   We recommend to print them on a 5x7 inch photo paper to enjoy the most vivid colors.

                                                                Click here for the second set >>>

El Sol Tabla La Luna Tabla El Diablito Tabla El Pescado Tabla

El Cotorro Tabla La Sirena Tabla La Chalupa Tabla La Corona Tabla

El Boracho Tabla La Rana Tabla El Gallo Tabla La Rosa Tabla

   The fine print- The images you are about to download or print are for personal use only. Any modifications or use other than printing tablas to play the "Viva La Loteria!" game are prohibited.
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