"Viva la loteria!” is based off of the classic Mexican game of chance “Loteria”. The deck of cards is composed of a set of 52 different images.

    Each player has at least one game board called “tabla”. Similar to bingo, the players track and mark the random draw of cards until they have one of the winning patterns or have their tabla full.

    Whenever a player has filled out a winning streak, or fills the tabla they yell out “Buenas!”  and win the established pot.

    The winning combinations are shown on the tablas below. Of course before the game you can negotiate different rules to make the game really personal. 

Riles Vertica,l Horizonta,l Diagonal Riles Sqares

    For pot you can use whatever you want – pinto beans, bottle caps, paper clips, etc.

Just use your imagination and have fun!

And don’t forget to say:

Viva la Loteria!